The Nagarkot Project
Our major endeavor, The Nagarkot Project, has focused on the area of Nagarkotvillage, where basic necessities may be in short supply, such as clean water, access to adequate health care and educational opportunities, and means of farming above a subsistence level. Our goal was and is to help the local people assess their needs and resources, strengthen cooperative community processes and work together toward long-term sustainable solutions.

The Nagarkot Project, begun in 2015, was made possible by very generous contributions from international employees of the MCI Group. Much of the coordination and travel is on a volunteer basis. Divine Foundation arranged for materials and transport, and, as needed, skilled help with translation, training, construction, maintenance.
The funds were used to complete eight classrooms for Baluwapati Higher Secondary School and housed classes for 350 students. Divine Foundation is currently looking to expand the scope of help that can be provided to the natives of the village and improve their education opportunities and living conditions.

School Lunch Program
Singapore Institute of Management has been actively arranging for their students to participate in Community Service Projects in the past years. A group of alumni who has deep relations with their partnering school approached Divine Foundation as they wished to continue helping the students they have befriended and helped over the years.
Separately, 2 ex-students from Hwa Chong International who had participated in Community Service Programs through their schools had the same request in sustaining their community service efforts from their school days.

Divine Foundation hence set up the School Lunch Program to facilitate these requests. With the funding raised, the school is able to provide daily lunch to their students. Today about 350 students from 2 local village schools are benefiting from the programs and have 1 proper meal a day.

School Uniforms& Shoes Donation
Each year, Divine Foundation and various kind-hearted Singaporean individuals donate school uniforms and shoes to 210 students from Janakalyan Lower Secondary School in Nagarkot.

Earthquake Recovery
When the April 2015 earthquakes took place, Divine Foundation assisted in the following areas with enormous support of Singaporeans, ACROSS (Anglican Crisis Relief, Outreach & Support, Singapore) and corporates.

Many Singaporeans who had travelled to Nepal through Deepak contributed generously through the Foundation. Their donations were used to purchase zinc sheets for temporary shelters as many homes were damaged and left the villagers homeless.

Distribution of food and blankets

Divine Foundation supported the ground logistics and arrangements to distribute basic food items such as rice, oil, sugar, lentil to the locals in one of the worst hit region Dhading, near the earthquake epicenter. Blankets were distributed just before winter arrived so they can be kept warm within the harsh living conditions.

Medical Mission Trips
A week after the earthquake, in May 2015, Divine Foundation collaborated with the medical team from ACROSS (Anglican Crisis Relief, Outreach & Support, Singapore) and provided medical assistance at the Nagarkot region, where Deepak has been working with to build up local schools and education for the community. The team provided medical check-ups and free medicine to the local villagers.

Divine Foundation collaborated with ACROSS (Anglican Crisis Relief, Outreach & Support, Singapore) for few medical missions to Dhading. More than 500 villagers benefitted from the mission trips. Today, Divine Foundation continues to support St John’s-St Margaret’s Church (Anglican) for medical missions in Dhading (2016) and Pokhara (2017) to provide free medical consultation and medicines to the locals.

Rebuilding of Schools
ACROSS (Anglican Crisis Relief, Outreach & Support, Singapore) engaged Divine Foundation’s help to co-ordinate the re-building of 3 schools located in Gumdi VDC Dhading through funding from the Singapore Red Cross. They are namely:
1) Shree Balkalayan Primary school
2) Shree Chimchok Lower Secondary School
3) Shree Kalyan Lower Secondary School

The rebuilt schools will enable principals and teachers to restore lessons for 400 students to continue their education journey locally.